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   Quality Assurance


We meet the requirement of ISO9001 as starting from market development, design, sourcing, quality certified, customer service, and management of staff training and finance.
Sampling is acted with combining the needs of customer and our consultation. A series of sample production including design, quality control, technology and development are treated seriously. Our engineers assess at all scenarios until the customer is completely satisfied.
Vendors of material are carefully chosen and materials must be passed our test before keeping in our warehouse.
Implement two-way system of feedback. Internally, quality condition and problem along the production line are reported daily to relevant staff of production department who take immediate action to handle properly and precautions afterwards. Externally, after sales service and problem solving service are managed by marketing department.

       Management of Quality Control

According to the standard of ISO9001, quality manual, procedural documents and operation instructions including office management, technology, equipment and product technique are established. Four levels of quality records are systemized; records are for investigation, assessment, improvement and precaution. The quality of product will be assured to meet the requirement under the comprehensive enhancement system

       Our quality principle

We produce Liquid Crystal Display with top quality;
Our product is an embodiment of the Shenzhen Enzerui Display Technology Co., Ltd. and the quality staff. Our task is to explore new ideas & technology, adopt new materials, improve the quality system and enhance the quality of products and services. Being guaranteed the quality of products and services, we provide sufficient knowledge and skill training to our staff.

       Assurance of Product Quality

An independent section, Quality Department, for supervising the quality is set up. This department is responsible for the management of quality control system during the operation, crucial procedures, random checking and reliable testing of the finished products.
Before going into bulk production, a newly designed product have to be
assessed twice and the sample recognized by the customer.
Twenty two checking points in the crucial procedures and five QC check points are installed along the whole production line.
Random checking is carried out for primary material and verification for accessories.
Reliable cycle testing of the products including storage of high & low temperature, testing of constant temperature & humidity, testing of temperature lash and vibration.

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