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   Research & Development

Batch process for various standard LCD and modules with the depth of glass including 1.1mm, 0.7mm, 0.55mm and 0.4mm or the type of TN and STN required by the customers.
Batch process for LCD in any polygonal shape such as hexagon, octagon or even a hole punched in the middle.
Batch process for STN LCD and modules of TN, HTN, Black/White model (FSTN), Yellow/Green model, Blue model and Grey model
Batch process for LCD modules of COG, TAB, COB, SMT, H/S
Batch process for LCD & modules in production driving routing 240 (320 X 240) and line difference of 10 m
Batch process for LCD with various colors (max. 6C) and pattern by silk screening.
Batch process for high density TN Black display, which is installed extensively in audio equipment of high class cars.

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